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Why we created SlidesLive?

SlidesLive is TED for everyone. We provide you with the tool for recording talks without requiring expensive equipment or TV crews. Whether you are organizing local meetups, business conferences, or company trainings, SlidesLive is the right tool for you. Our goal is to record every presentation for present and future generations to see.

How does it work?

It all starts with downloading our app. SlidesLive records your slides and voice, then automatically synchronizes your presentation with either video or audio. Watch the tutorial below for details:


What does it take to record a presentation?

All you need is a laptop and our application. It’s also possible to create just an audio-presentation. Your results will be even better when filmed with an external video camera or smartphone.

How to use SlidesLive app on multiple computers?

We have a portable version designed for use on an USB flash drive (download SlidesLive for USB). Simply unzip the file to a USB flash drive, insert it into your computer, and get started. To record your presentation slides and audio onto the USB flash drive, you will need a memory capacity of 1Gigabyte on your USB flash drive for every hour of presentation. Afterwards, it’s essential to use the Safely Remove function before taking the flash drive from your device, otherwise your recorded presentation will be damaged. That's it.

What if there are more presentations in a row?

No problem, just leave SlidesLive running throughout the entire event. It will even split the recording into individual presentations after you add the video files.

Do I have to be online to record my presentation?

Not at all. Presentations are recorded offline and uploaded whenever convenient for you. There is no need to be worried about the Internet connection.


Where do I have to add the slides?

Slides are recorded live during the actual presentation. You don't have to manually add or upload them anywhere.

Is it possible to edit presentations and delete slides?

Basic editing capability is included with the app. You can name the presentation and change the start and endpoint. After uploading the presentation online, you can enter the advanced Slides editor where you can delete slides, upload new images, change timing, and a lot more.

What software can I use for my presentation?

SlidesLive records your screen live, so use anything you like. It could be PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, Keynote, Google Docs, Photos or even your browser.

Video & Audio

How to create video with the presentation next to it?

Go to your slides recording in the SlidesLive app and click Edit. At the bottom, click Add video here. Browse for our Drag Drop video files that you want to synchronize with the slides. Click Save followed by Upload & Sync.
Tip: Just add the video as you want it and slides will automatically be synced with it.

How do I connect a video camera to SlidesLive?

You don't need to make a direct connection. You can make a video on any phone, camera, or device. Afterwards, download the video files to your computer or upload them to YouTube. Enter video link directly into the SlidesLive app or at the slideslive.com website and your slides and video will be automatically synchronized.

What audio/video sources can be synchronized with my slides?

Lots. You can add video files (avi, mp4, mpg, mts, m2ts, ts, mov, mkv, 3gp) as well as audio files (wav, mp3).

My camera has divided the video into multiple files. How can I merge or splice them together?

Easily. Add all video files into SlidesLive and check the "Merge together" box. SlidesLive will merge all files into one video.

Can SlidesLive record videos directly from a webcam?

No. You would need to record the webcam output via different software, then add it to the presentation as a video file. But you can make a video on any phone, camera, or device. This is better since a webcam is hard to position.


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